The EUDAT and EOSC-Hub annotation service

B2NOTE sandbox

This is the sandbox for B2Note. Here you can try and learn, but no guarantee is provided on the preservation of annotations.

How to use it B2Share integration

Here is how to access the B2NOTE console from a B2SHARE file record page.

Step 1: Pick a file in B2SHARE.

Step 2: Click on the arrow next to the file you want to annotate to reveal the annotation button.

Step 3: Click on the button to show the widget. If the widget does not appear, please change the size of your browser window (use Ctrl – or Cmd -). The widget should appear at the bottom right of the browser window. We will fix these issues in the upcoming weeks.

Access B2SHARE training instance

This page emulates the outcome of a search performed by a user of EUDAT services such as B2SHARE.

Thus, it displays a list of hyperlinks pointing to files stored by EUDAT.

Next to each hyperlink stands a "Create Annotation" button.

Clicking one of these buttons triggers the B2NOTE interface.

The B2NOTE interface allows the user to select semantic concepts for describing the corresponding file.

The semantic relations created in the process are stored by the B2NOTE service, allowing later retrieval and processing.

The list of files:

Orthography-based dating and localisation of Middle Dutch charters
ImageJ plugin ColonyArea
REST paper 2014
piSVM Analytics Runtimes JUDGE Cluster Rome Images 55 Features
GoNL SNPs and Indels release 5
Influence of smoking and obesity in sperm quality

Further information

The necessary information was collected by hand for a small subset of files.
However, it is expected that the information can easily be gathered in an automated way by the actual file-hosting service.

This information includes:

  • The hyperlink address of the file (required).
  • A human-readable label for the hyperlink (optional).